Ländliches Buffet - Catering Gasthof Knappenwirt
Prosciutto San Danilie with melon
Vitello tonnato roasted veal with tuna cream and capers
Salmon with ginger taste served with honey-mustards sauce
Crabs salat with seasonal vegetables (asparagus)
Beef-Carpaccio served with Grana pardano
Goose liver parfait served with Zwieback from nuts
Beef Tatare with Tramezzini
Tomatoes with Buffalo mozzarella and pesto
Eggs with caviar from trouts
Mixed Salats (potatoes, cabbage, beas, sellery, tomatoes, cucumbers, paprika)
Tomato essence with pasta and herbs
Sellery soup truffled
Grilled trout served with pesto tagliolini
Lamb cobs served with polenta and beas with bacon
Salmon Cordon Bleu
Scampi mit garlic butter
Mussels with tomato-with wine sauce
Beef served with Barolo and Rosemary Potatoes
Baked Chicken drumsticks
Fine Wild Ragout Pie
Crème brûllè 
Chocolate moussè served in a glas
Yogurt sour cream terrine with berries
Sacher cuts
Fruits of the saison
Cheese with grapes and fig mustard