Venezianisches Buffet - Catering Gasthof Knappenwirt
Prosciutto San Danilie with melon
Vitello tonnato roasted veal with tuna cream and capers
Trout fillet smoked with juniper, served with horseradish cream
Crab cocktail with mango
Beef-Carpaccio served with Grana pardano
Italian salami variation 
Tomatoes mit buffalo mozarella and pesto
Mixed Salats (potatoes, cabbage, beans, celery, tomatoes, cucumbers, paprika)
Minestrone with fresh vegetables & mangold with sea salt
Fishsoup with Vin santo
Osso Bucco with Cremè Polenta
Lasagne al forno
Macceroni with tuna cream
Pizza slices with champignons and salami
Scampi served in garlic butter
Mussels in white wine and tomato sauce
Stewed Shoulder Joking in Barol, served with rosemary potatoes
Saltimbocca alla Romana – delicious veal medaillons
Piccata Milanesse with tomato sauce – delicious medaillons with egg-cheese panade
Cappuccino moussè
Cassatta (Ice)
Lemon roulade
Cream with yogurt and mascarpone
Fruits of the season
Italien Cheese with grabes und fig mustard