Ländliches Buffet - Catering Gasthof Knappenwirt
Prosciutto with melon
Brawn from the pork marinated with pumpkin oil and vinegar
Trout fillet smoked with juniper, served with horseradish cream
Homemade pie served with nuts rusk
Backed Chicken with potato salad
Various Spreads like pumpkin seed-curd and others
Rost pork mit fresh horseradish
Traditional ham with apple horseradish
Beef Salat with paprika and red onion
Stuffed Eggs 
Mixed Salats (potatoes, cabbage, beans, celery, tomatoes, cucumbers, paprika)
Beef Beef with liver dumpling, lung strudel, sliced pancakes with herbs
Pumpkin Soup with seeds
Soup with Schilcher wine
Braised Pork Shoulder, marinated with red wine
Stew from the beef served with vegetables and in soup cooked potatoes
Pork legs or Roasted Pork with cabbage and dumplings
Cheeks from the pork served with root vegetables and braised potatoes
Goulash from the veal with Spätzle
Smoked Meat in bread dough
Krautfleckerl – Pasta with cabbage and caraway seed
Goulash from the roe deer served with dumpling and cranberries
Filled Pasta with meat from the dear
Curd Noodles with plums sauce
Strudel variations
Fruits of the season
Cheese with grabes und fig mustard